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November 04 2019

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October 30 2019


Jeżeli skrzywdziłem kogoś, w jakikolwiek sposób,
Świadomie czy nieświadomie
Z powodu mojego własnego zamętu
Proszę o wybaczenie.

Jeżeli ktokolwiek skrzywdził mnie w jakikolwiek sposób,
Świadomie czy nieświadomie
Poprzez ich własny zamęt
Wybaczam im.

I jeżeli istnieje sytuacja,
W której nie jestem jeszcze gotowy przebaczyć,
Wybaczam to sobie.

Za wszelkie momenty, kiedy krzywdzę siebie,
Negowanie siebie, wątpienie w siebie, bagatelizowanie siebie,
Osądzanie siebie lub bycie niemiłym dla siebie
Z powodu mojego własnego zamętu
Wybaczam sobie.

— Buddyjska modlitwa przebaczenia

October 29 2019

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October 28 2019


Co dziecko, którym byłeś, pomyślałoby o dorosłym, którym się stałeś?

— Keith Donohue, "Skradzione dziecko"
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October 22 2019


September 07 2019

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September 01 2019


August 24 2019

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Lars Gustafsson (przełożył Zbigniew Kruszyński)
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August 23 2019

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When it’s cold enough to see the melody.
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August 17 2019

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it's always have been hard times for lady dogushka

July 24 2019

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June 22 2019

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While cleaning out my room I found a paper that my therapist gave me some time ago to deal with obsessive and intrusive thoughts. Sorry the paper is a little crinkled and stained, but I figured I’d post it in hopes that it will help someone like it helped me.

Here it is again with text for anyone who can’t see the picture

  • That thought isn’t helpful right now.
  • Now is not the time to think about it. I can think about it later.
  • This is irrational. I’m going to let it go.
  • I won’t argue with an irrational thought.
  • This is not an emergency. I can slow down and think clearly about what I need.
  • This feels threatening and urgent, but it really isn’t.
  • I don’t have to be perfect to be OK.
  • I don’t have to figure out this question. The best thing to do is just drop it.
  • It’s OK to make mistakes.
  • I already know from my past experiences that these fears are irrational.
  • I have to take risks in order to be free. I’m willing to take this risk.
  • It’s OK that I just had that thought/image, and it doesn’t mean anything. I don’t have to pay attention to it.
  • I’m ready to move on now.
  • I can handle being wrong.
  • I don’t have to suffer like this. I deserve to feel comfortable.
  • That’s not my responsibility.
  • That’s not my problem.
  • I’ve done the best I can.
  • It’s good practice to let go of this worry. I want to practice.


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Kraków, 90s
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